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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Policy Police Cards

I've fancied doing this for a little while now, and had thought about it a little recently. Then last weekend my son was at a chess tournament, so I designed these while I was waiting in the "Parent Pen". It was in a primary school, with little chairs. So you can understand how I suffer for my art.

The reverse says "Call the POLICY POLICE" along with the url for this site. I got them produced by - and I had them within the week. Maybe I should start leaving them in phone boxes... do people still use those?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Policy Police: Return of the repossessed #1

At last the next longer story begins.

I suppose I've been thinking about this story for about a year now. It's changed direction several times in the face of a real world that has been in a state of flux. I've even changed the name over that time, but I've settled now on name#3.

There are 11 episodes scripted, so it should come to an end in December 2011.

As you can guess, the challenge was to come up with something that had the legs for the long haul in our turbulent world. I think it's up to the task. See what you think.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Where things are with Policy Police right now

I was talking to a friend the other night and mentioned that I'd got episodes scripted until December this year. It sounded a bit mad just saying it, so I dug them out and read them. To my relief I quite like them. They will be tweaked some as each episode gets drawn, but I'm happy with the overall direction of the story.

Which is good, because I'm thinking a lot about the drawing stage right now. I'm still working on drawing the first episode of the upcoming story, but it's nearly there. I've been learning about working with panels and pages in Manga Studio as I work towards the next Policy Police book... I've reworked one of the short stories into page format now, but I think the whole thing will take some time. As much because the 20-frame screen version has become a 29-panel, 6-page version for the book. 

Anyway. I'm guessing the first episode of new story will be posted within the week. Something to look forward to.