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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The State and I

I hate the State bureaucracy. There's something about encountering it that can leave me paralysed. In the US it's still just about possible to try and escape it and go live in a shack in the woods... but only just. Here in the UK it's been impossible most of my life. I can remember a guy who lived in a chicken shed when I was a kid, but that's about it...

Anyway, I ended up working for the State by accident. I sort of bumbled my way into it. I thought I was going to work at some kind of charity. I was, but it was one of those Fake Charities that are set up to do the State's work while allowing the State to fiddle its own tax returns.

I was surprised to find out that:
a) we had no constituency that supported our work through voluntary donations or support;
b) people I worked with aspired to to be "proper" civil servants. Weird.

But I hung in there. Well, first of all I needed the money, and second some of my work was interesting. And third I could kid myself that I was being of some wider benefit.

It didn't last. Couldn't last really. I found it increasingly hard to convince myself I was doing more good than harm. But why did I stay?

There came a point when I realised that the Organisation had no future and that the redundancy package on offer was a good 'un. Trouble was, this was before the 2005 General Election. So when the same ol' government got back in, I knew I was in for 4-5 years more. But. You bite the bullet and get your head down. And invent Policy Police.

Monday, 17 February 2014

The Marchers: Number 9

Phew. After an enormously long time, I managed to fit this into my busy schedule. I love the way that "the girl" has elbowed her way into this little strip. She didn't exist at all when I started out on this one. And here she is - poised - at the beginning of a wonderful new career. That's young 'uns for you.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Workers Institute of Marxism Leninism Mao Tse Tung Thought

When the story of the three "domestic slaves" set free the other day included "Brixton" and "Political ideology" and "1970s", my thoughts immediately turned to these guys. And it looks as though it really was them.

Back in my old scuffling days we used to look out for these people when on demonstrations, especially in London. They used to sell a closely-typed duplicated newletter that carried stories about the "desperate antics of the fascist bourgeoise" and heart rending tales of various "worker comrades" and the terrible oppression they met on a daily basis. And the "gang of four in the imperialist heartlands - Birch, Baines, Reakes, Evans" (these were the leaders of 4 other tiny British Maoist groups). We spent hours rolling about with laughter at the truly bonkers ranting of this lot.

And they're here (I was going to say the rump of them, but you can't have a rump of something that was so small to begin with), still barking after all these years. Part of me is really glad to know that.

PS Added 26 November. Reminded by a news report this morning that it was "this very year, 1977" that the People's Red Army of China would sweep out across the globe and liberate mankind. I never knew how they squared 1978. Apparently they then claimed that China had used computers in satellites to take over the West and the Soviet Union. Turns out that bit was true.

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Marchers: Number 8

Got a new battery for my laptop, so able to work in bars and stuff again.Yay!

Been wanting to tell this gag for SO long. Feel so much better for getting it off my chest.

Coming to the end of Phase 1 of the Marchers - 1 more episode to go - not that there's much Theoctitus left, it still has that momentum. Lots of ideas going in all kinds of directions from here on. And I've had a couple of ideas for other strips, too.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Marchers: Number 7

A bit of fun and high jinks for a change. You can't keep a good character down...

Possibly my favourite so far. Especially the last frame. Somehow akes me think I ought to think of a Christmas card or a Special at the very least.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The joys of advertising

It's always a delight when I get a parcel from overseas that has used local newspapers and other ephemera in the packaging. I'm like one of those legedary kids who spend more time playing with the box rather than the Christmas present. This time I got a DVD from Malaysia wrapped in what appears to be a flyer for the local equivalent of Lidl.

This one's my favorite.
It gives an insight into how people in distant places see you. AND THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. Wouldn't you just love some Fat Spread on your burnt bread right now?

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Marchers Number 6

At last a new episode. Slowly dying battery on my old laptop/tablet is part of my excuse. But anyways, here we are.