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Monday, 24 October 2011

Manga Jiman done

In the post this afternoon. I can stop thinking about it now. My son asked me, "What's the story? What happens next?" Short answer is I dunno. I still haven't worked out properly how we get from where the Policy Police are now to the new place I've started up. Well, I know the big things. It's the pictures and words I don't know.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Policy Police: return of the repossessed #9

Phew. Here at last. It's been put on the back burner while I progress my entry for the Manga Jiman competition. By chance, this episode lent itself to much reuse. I think the pigeons are the only wholly new bit. I hope it works...

The Manga Jiman entry is almost there. A tweak here and there, the odd continuity error to fix and I'll be there in time for the November 1st deadline. Still need to do some hard thinking about where Policy Police goes next year. I've got a vague idea of themes and direction, but nothing concrete yet. I've also been thinking about a whole other comic, entirely different subject matter in a 4-koma (4-panel) style. But how that will fit into my life I really don't know.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Progress of sorts

I've got 7 of 8 pages pretty much done for the Manga Jiman competition. I'm pretty pleased with the results - in fact I'm so pleased that I may well go back on my original promise to let it sink without trace if I don't make the cut. It's opened up a future for these comics that I'm quite looking forward to pursuing. So I guess I will, anyway.

A more immediate future is what happens after Christmas, when the current tale comes to an end. It's all a bit vague at the moment, but I did have one stroke of luck...

I was in the dentist waiting room a couple of days ago and there was this 15/16 year-old girl there who said some things that amused me so much I had to write them down. Since then she's grown into a fully-fledged Policy Police character in my head. She's certainly helped - caused me to think up some new snippets of dialogue, and she seems to be the sort of character I need to make things happen in the story. Anyway. I'm very grateful for the help.

A second immediate challenge is the next episode... All I can say is look out for plenty of reuse in this one.