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Friday, 30 September 2011

Manga Jiman update

I said way back that I was going to enter this competition. Now it's the last day of September and I've got 3 pages of 8 done. So it's not hopeless. A bit less than a week per page. But it'll probably mean another late Policy Police this month. I'm quite pleased with how it's going, though. I also have been thinking about where Policy Police will go after Christmas. Beginning to get ideas to fill what is an enormous void right now.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Policy Police: Return of the repossessed #8

I said I'd be late. But here it is, hope it was worth it. I'm feeling a bit too close to it to make any judgement.
It's entirely an accident that security technology appears in this one. Though appropriate given this month's anniversary of 9/11. We all continue to pay through sacrificing our dignity and "giving the guys hours of fun". One bit I'm not sure works, is where the pretty young thinktanker dares to interrupt Artemisia. I wanted to make the thinktanker's crime pretty innocuous - I've seen this happen several times in my working life - so when the red mist descends and all the toys are thrown out of the pram, it's really quite unexpected. But very entertaining for the onlookers.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

1000 views of Not Protectively Marked

Yay! 1000 views on Slideshare of this old stager. For whatever reason this has been my most popular episode by far. I noticed the other day that I was something like #3 on Google for "Not Protectively Marked"... well, as I implied at the time, Information Security is dull, and anything that can lighten it a bit is bound to be welcome. I redrew it for print recently and it appears in Rapid Response. It became evident as I was putting the book together that although it was an early story from me, it was much later in the timeline of Policy Police. Zee had to have been back and introduced to the Kid to make sense. So in PP time it takes place after the current story...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm going to be late this month, I know it

I'm just so behind right now. I've hardly done anything for the next episode - 2 frames so far. Mainly because of my comletely unrelated summer project. THIS Pretty much all of August was taken up with this beast and there's still lots to do. Working on the interior right now - cupboards and stuff in advance of its second outing weekend of the 9/10th.