An everyday story of leftwing folk


You can buy your very own copy of the Policy Police comics in paperback book form, individually printed and sent direct to you via Blurb. I'm very impressed with the production quality - its as good as anything you could buy in the shops. I've tried to keep the price down, these being austere times and all. Top tip for purchasing via Blurb. They offer a standard rate for shipping up to 3 books (£4.99 at present for UK), so you might want to buy multiple copies, or check if there's anything else you might want, to bring you unit cost of shipping down.


Policy Police: Rapid response. 

A collection of one-offs and special issues. Available in Trade paperback and Pocket size.

Also currently available:

Policy Police 1: Reaching the LEARNER. 
The original story with CVs of the main characters as a bonus.

Policy Police: Reaching the LEARNER, The Novella. 
The original story. In words! About 7,000 of them. Plus a bonus glossary of Agency terms.

Policy Police 2: Up close and personalised. 
The second long story. Bonus feature is my homage to The Breakfast Club – The Monday Club.  Kids in boiler suits. Need I say more.