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The original hosting has fallen over, so rather than try fix it, I've worked through the comics and got them up on Smack Jeeves. Please bear with me.

The Marchers comics are hosted on Smack Jeeves, too. You can find them by clicking here or on the Marchers banner above.

This long story was originally sent out throughout 2011. I had made a start on putting these in comic-book format, but never finished that job. Now that the Slideshare versions have fallen over, I think its time (Dec 2017) to get back to it and finish the job. 
Episode 1: AMADEUS
Episode 2: I am Spartacus 
Episode 3: The entrepreneur
Episode 4: Close encounters
Episode 5: Buster
Episode 6: AMADEUS again
Episode 7: Thinktanks
Episode 8: Genetic and beyond
Episode 9: Up on the roof
Episode 10: Round up  
Episode 11: Epilogue

Since the slieshare versions fell over, I've got the book version of this comic on Smack Jeeves at the link in the heading above. The links below lead to the original posts that have new links to the relevant part of the story

Episode 8 was really a stand-alone, designed for the month of the British general election, so I've put it in the collection of shorts and specials.
Episode 1: Worksearch
Episode 2: The Cop, the Kid, the Prof and the Director
Episode 3: New apartment, new job
Episode 4: The FED and the Zombies
Episode 5: Back on the wrong side of the tracks
Episode 6: Enter the Project Manager
Episode 7: Designer surveillance
Episode 9: Crush them with facts
Episode 10: Hot pursuit
Epilogue: Efficiency explained

I've now got the book version of this up on Smack Jeeves so instead of trying to resurrect all the old stuff, you can see it there by clicking the linked heading above.
All the chapters are findable from there

These short stories were originally penned between 2009 and 2011. They were collected into a book in early June 2011. They are all up on Smack Jeeves with all the others, now.
Anniversary Waltz
Pretty Vacant, part 1
Pretty Vacant, part 2
Surplus to Requirements
Big Breakfast
Not Protectively Marked
Cutting a Dash
Cutting a Dash 2: It's back!
Going Green
Election Special (2010)