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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Progress of sorts

I've got 7 of 8 pages pretty much done for the Manga Jiman competition. I'm pretty pleased with the results - in fact I'm so pleased that I may well go back on my original promise to let it sink without trace if I don't make the cut. It's opened up a future for these comics that I'm quite looking forward to pursuing. So I guess I will, anyway.

A more immediate future is what happens after Christmas, when the current tale comes to an end. It's all a bit vague at the moment, but I did have one stroke of luck...

I was in the dentist waiting room a couple of days ago and there was this 15/16 year-old girl there who said some things that amused me so much I had to write them down. Since then she's grown into a fully-fledged Policy Police character in my head. She's certainly helped - caused me to think up some new snippets of dialogue, and she seems to be the sort of character I need to make things happen in the story. Anyway. I'm very grateful for the help.

A second immediate challenge is the next episode... All I can say is look out for plenty of reuse in this one.

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