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Thursday, 18 February 2010

How it all began. Part 5

Around Christmas 2007 I showed the script to my wife.  She thought it was weird, but liked some of the jokes.  The kind of impact I was after, I guess.  The challenge now was to get the thing drawn.

I was still thinking about producing a “real”, physical comic.  On paper.  So I tried pencils and inks.  Very traditional.  Very slow.  Even if you’re aiming at something quite rough and ready, it just eats your time.  But I ended up with a few rough pencil drawings of the main characters, so I’d got a good idea of what I wanted them to look like.

I then had a go at some computer drawing packages, and a digitising tablet.  Again slow.  If I was going to do this, I felt it needed the momentum of regular episodes, and it needed to fit round a full time job and a life.

I picked up one of Frank Miller’s Sin City books in my local library.  I thought all the black kind of absolves you of adding a lot of detail.  And it would fit with that Hammett/Chandler feel to some of my dialogue.  So, with my head full of old black-and-white movies, I started messing around with photographic images in Paint.

Paint is not the most user-friendly of packages, but it’s like having a go at fixing your house with a hammer, a saw and a big screwdriver.  You can get results.  Quick.

And presentation software.  You know what I mean.  It’s everywhere.  With easy page turning.

Autumn 2008 and I was on a roll.

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