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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Policy Police chronology

In between working on the new online episodes, I'm working through the older stand-alone episodes, remastering them in Manga Studio for print. It's a bit of a slog, but well worth the effort.

A whole bunch of things have occurred to me as I've been doing this. Unfortunately a lot of it is pretty pretentious. So it needs some more thinking about before I inflict it on the world.

However, here's something concrete that's come out of my thinking. I want to organise the stories in the next book in chronological order, according to Policy Police time.

Some episodes presume knowledge and events from others, other episodes contain clues as to the season, for example. Well, having thought about it, it seems to me that everything in the Policy Police world (at least as far as the stuff I've got planned until December 2011, our time) takes place within the space of one year.

So, here it is. Makes sense to me, anyway.

March – April 2025: Reaching the LEARNER
April 2025: Cutting a dash (the original)
April – May 2025: Up close and personalised
May 2025: Election special
May 2025: Going green
June 2025: Big Breakfast
July 2025: Surplus to requirements
September – October 2025: Return of the repossessed
January 2026: Pretty Vacant
February 2026: Cutting a Dash 2
March 2026: Anniversary Waltz

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