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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

More ingredient-free products

A couple of things have reminded me of the version of Going Green shown here.

Firstly, following having my head sprayed with the stuff, we had to buy some more fly-killer. Cuz of cheapness we went with a supermarket own-brand spray this time. Yesterday I tried it for the first time on a couple of those flies that wake up when you switch on the heating. Didn't work. Gave them a wee blast - enough to get them spinning on their backs with the old (admittedly branded) spray. They just carried on bumbling around as if nothing happened. Then at bed time I discovered a queen wasp in the folds of our bedroom curtain. I blasted the hell out of it with the stuff. It did die, but I think cause of death was probably drowning.

The second thing is moths. Went for a job interview last month, but when I got out my second-best suit, it was full of holes. (Cue Momoko moment from Kamikaze Girls. If you haven't seen this film, get a copy, watch it.) And now it seems you can't get proper moth balls like when I was a kid. No wonder we're plagued with the things.

No doubt we'll live longer, but we'll be grubby, sweaty people dressed in nylon and soaked in perfume cuz we smell so bad. But it won't be very good perfume cuz that'll be banned for being carcinogenic, or bad for the environment.

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