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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Developments afoot.

This is just to log where I am at right now with the next story. I've got the scripts for 7 episodes of what is looking like a 10 episode story that I'm aiming to start in early September. So looking good for well into the next year.

Also, because I can't help it, I wrote another script at the weekend for a stand-alone story that is kind of topical for me right now. So, despite promises to the contrary there may well be a "summer special" out in the next couple of weeks if I can manage to get it drawn. Be warned.

A little aside - I'm noticing that various of my little stories that I used to regale people with from time to time are creeping one by one into this comic. It kind of stops me using them - they now become things that happened to Faren and the Kid rather than me. Puts the onus on me to collect or remember more bits of mad dialogue and events I guess, and maybe, just maybe helps prevent me becoming the kind of boring old man who tells the same stories over and over.

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