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Monday, 6 July 2009

The last episode of Reaching the LEARNER

This brings to an end my "origins" story. It took me long enough. Its around about 2 years since I wrote it, probably a bit longer (early 2007) since I started scribbling down snippets of dialogue i wanted to use. What really took the time was finding the look.. And finding a look that I could achieve things quickly with.

Once I went "public" with the first episode inside the Organisation, I setup an expectation that episodes would appear roughly monthly. Which they have.

But that also means that I have to write another story to follow on....which is kinda taking shape. I'm taking a break for the summer and returning with a new major story in September (just to give me the opportunity to finish writing the thing).

Though, since I had that plan, another one-episode story has come along. More of which soon.

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