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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Up close and personalised episode 9

Things start to fall apart as the team encounter some popular resistance to the Goodfellow Implementation.
Up close and personalised episode 9
NB This shows as chapter 8 in the Smack Jeeves format cuz we put the election special elsewhere
Every now and again, cynics will say that our current system is "beyond satire". I must admit that I was a little despondent a couple of weeks ago when Gordon Brown had Elvis introduce one of his electioneering press conferences.

Darn. I thought of it first. And everybody knows that Elvis is on the side of the people.

I've always given the advice that if you're feeling unsure about what to do in a presentation, "show them a picture of Elvis, everybody loves Elvis..." It's both heartening and worrying to see somebody following my advice, and managing to trump it so spectacularly.

The Elvis in the story comes from this press report from a year or so back. Got me thinking about vigilantes with movie-star names.

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