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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Will the Policy Police survive public sector cuts?

Cuz of course I didn't. Right now, I'm in the Twilight Zone between working for the state, and not working for the state. Tying up loose ends etc before the Organisation ceases to be...

I did worry about whether I'd be able to carry on with the comic in these circumstances. But actually, I think it's OK. As long as I  don't get too isolated from the mad world of office politics (hint), there seems to be plenty coming up to keep our heroes busy.

In retrospect, making Gosman a subcontractor looks like a smart move. Not just some excuse to make the cop/subcontractor quip in Episode 3. So far it has allowed Gosman and Partner to move between different jobs and departments. And in the future it will enable them to avoid direct cuts, but maybe be a bit less choosy in their job hunting.

Can't remember if I've said this someplace else, but I'm already beginning to see some conflict between "the machine" and its political masters. I guess I'm going to have to become like one of those "Kremlin watchers" of days gone by. Interpreting the occasional ripple on the surface of the still waters of state.

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