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Thursday, 30 December 2010

What will 2011 bring for the Policy Police?

Three things.

First of all, BARGAINS! Blurb has sent me some promotional codes so that you can get free flat-rate shipping on one order placed before 31st January 2011. This will allow you to get up to 3 books sent (via the slowest method - ie post) for FREE. I think these codes may also count for DISCOUNT on the more expensive shipping methods. Anyway. Here are the codes and amounts in whatever your local currency may be. You should enter the code (ie SHARE, or whatever) in the box provided at checkout. And get up to 3 of my books for a mere £3.25 each.

US ($6.99) = SHARE
GBP (£3.99) = SHAREUK
CAD ($7.99) = SHARECAN
AUD ($9.99) = SHAREAUD

January will also bring the last of the recent batch of one- and two-part stories. It's going to be a sequel to Cutting a Dash, which is about 18 months old now. It asks the question, "What happens to the dashboard when the strategy changes?"

Then the rest of 2011 will be taken up with a new 11-part Policy Police story. This one gets a bit dark at times, as austerity begins to bite within The Agency.

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