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Monday, 6 December 2010

Me and the minibar

Just a little under a year ago, there was a lot going down in hotels. In my world. You know, conferences, meetings, that sort of thing. In many ways it brings out the adolescent in people who should know better. Drinking, chasing the opposite sex. The sorts of things that were celebrated in the episode "Big Breakfast".

But there's another side to this hotel experience. The loneliness, the separation from your home, your support networks. So I thought of writing another hotel story, the flip-side of Big Breakfast. I was going to use the lyrics of the Dresden Dolls' song "Me and the minibar" as a monologue spoken by the Kid as she gets progressively drunk alone in her hotel room. And because the song ends with the refrain "Happy birthday, us" it was going to be the anniversary issue. But I decided to go with something lighter, to cheer people up. Though I do refer to this possible story in Frame 14 - which is pretty cryptic if you're not inside my head. Anyway, that was the song. And the Jameson-type cyborg is for Ghost in the Shell fans... cuz it looks like a minibar.

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