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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Policy Police: Anniversary Waltz

It’s been two years since I sent out the first Policy Police episode. Of course time doesn’t operate in quite the same way in the Policy Police universe. But I thought our heroes ought to celebrate, too. So I decided that though two years has passed for us, one year has passed for them.

You may have noticed some stylistic changes to the comic this month. I’ve decided that I’ve paid my dues with Paint, so I’ve graduated myself to Manga Studio Debut.

Manga Studio works really well with the tablet and “fakes” pen work brilliantly. It really is a joy to use. I’ve had to rework the basic drawings (again), but I think the new look is worth it. Also using layers gives me a lot more scope with things like beer cans and (I anticipate) sunglasses. And backgrounds. The list is endless.

The Manga Studio package can seem a bit daunting at first but the excellent tutorials at Mario Live have helped me get to grips with it quite quickly.

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