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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The seductiveness of bureaucracy...

I was talking to my partially-sighted colleague over lunch today, and she said that she found that she was liking the Kid less lately. I’m quite pleased about this, cuz it’s intentional. What I’m trying to do here is show how the world of the Agency can be seductive. How if you’ve been pretty powerless in your life, the bureaucracy offers so many opportunities to be powerful. Most obviously through whatever position you might occupy, but also through expertise, or through being a bottleneck, or through leveraging your powerful friends. But of course, it comes at a cost. A cost of losing at least a part of yourself. This is the Kid’s dilemma. Can she continue to work within the Agency and keep her self intact along the way? And it also gets us to realise that Faren and Zee were kids too once, and think about how they got to be the cynics/monsters/whatever they’ve become.

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