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Friday, 12 November 2010

What's happening with Policy Police over the festive season?

I've been producing a bunch of one- or two-episode stories lately and not really progressing with the longer story I had planned. I've got the first episode written and ready to draw, and I kinda know where everything is going, but it remains very much in kit form.

I think this is because the "future" is still forming for me. When I look around my world it's still like the early part of an arm-wrestling contest, where the parties "take the strain" and size each other up. So, in general I'm feeling more comfortable with a shorter time horizon right now.

Anyway. This is my plan.

A single one-off episode around the end of the month. It'll be the last one before Christmas and falls at an auspicious time for all kinds of other things too. So it'll have an air of celebration about it. And something a bit different. But I'll leave that to be a surprise.

Then another one-off in early January. This will be a sequel to an old favourite. I wrote it a couple of days ago and I'm still chuckling, so it should act as some welcome New Year cheer.

Then I'll get down to the long story. Maybe

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